About Us

Christians love haystacks. Even if they don’t, most are well aware of what one is. The Haystack TV's goal is perfectly illustrated by the haystack. Haystacks are a compilation of many ingredients and often many people’s contribution. We want this site to be a central posting site for Christians with videos that they want to network and share with other people (or anyone who visits). 


The vision for this site is for The Haystack TV to be a media hub for faith-believers. Our dream is that this site will help us with our community to build up the kingdom of God, let us know more about each other, and become vulnerable but positive and supportive. So, enjoy a good haystack on us!

The Team

The People of The Haystack TV

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Andrew Ashley


Keith Bowman 

Media Consultant

Chelsya Ernina

Social Media and Blog Manager, Web Designer

Mark Comberiate

Content Creator + Producer

Kendra Arsenault


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Justin McLaughlin


Maxwell Aka

Artist Curator

Ryan Becker

Podcast Director