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The Haystack Content Creator Search

Are you an Adventist content creator who LOVES to share messages of faith, positivity, and encouragement? Do you have a TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube channel you consistently post videos? Would you like free equipment, professional guidance, and money to help make it better? Then this is the place for you.

The Haystack has teamed up with the creatives at The Scratch to find the best Adventist content creators to up the quality of Adventist media.

Submissions are now closed. Make sure to tune into the LIVE show, which will be held on Sunday, July 25 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT right here or on the Haystack's YouTube page.

Meet Your Judges

Lexie Center headshot.jpg

Lexie Center

Lexie Center is a Social Media Manager at the WTA (Women's Tennis Association). She's been with the WTA for over a year and a half and has over five years of social media experience. While at Southern Adventist University, Lexie became the Marketing Manager for Studio 4109. She was nationally awarded for growing and managing their social media and has been running social media accounts ever since. After college, she became a freelancer and was able to travel the world from New York to Miami to Paris to run social media accounts for professional tennis tournaments.


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Christopher Findley headshot.png

Christoper Findley

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Christopher Findley was an early influencer on Instagram. After working in fashion and marketing, he left to answer his calling to ministry and is now a senior theology major at Southwestern Adventist University. Christopher recently authored "7 Keys to Highly Effective Preaching," as he is committed to developing leaders to effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout his time at Southwestern, Christopher has been active in leading individuals to Christ, engaging the community in missionary work and community outreach. In his spare time, you can catch Chris cooking, juicing, and mountain biking with his friends.


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Justin Khoe profile.jpg

Justin Khoe

Justin Khoe (pronounced “ku”) is a professional Youtuber, podcaster and church consultant creating content for the spiritually curious. Justin has partnered with numerous organizations including Allmade, A Better World Canada, Faithlife, and hundreds of churches, colleges, and conferences around the world. By bringing people from opposing ideologies, religions, and politics, Justin works towards a world where each person has a more established set of beliefs because they have been challenged and explored.


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Video Criteria:

  • Depth and Understanding - Is the content meaningful (relative to the topic of the video) and easy to understand for viewers?

  • Confidence - Does the creator both exhibit self-confidence and instill confidence in viewers?

  • Hook - Does the content effectively draw viewers in initially so that they will continue watching the full video?

  • Purpose - Is the content creator seeking to build people/ideas up, tear them down, or are they seeking another outcome altogether?

  • Length - Is the video long enough to effectively communicate its message? Does it drag on or does it cut off too short?

  • Creativity - Does the content creator demonstrate creativity in any of the following areas: lighting, editing, set design, perspective, and/or content delivery?

Eligibility: Must be 18 years of age and older and located within the North American Division (US, Canada, and other territories of the NAD). Must be a member in regular standing with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and not produce offensive, inappropriate, or obscene content that would conflict with the views and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church may apply, but your channel may not be that of an official church or large organization (small, independent ministry accounts may apply).

The Deal

Each finalist will participate in the Haystack Creator Search show this summer, with a team of judges choosing the winners.


If you win, you will receive your gear package and consultation sessions with experts as you hone your brand. Creators will work with The Haystack’s social media team to curate content in their voice that fits The Haystack brand.


YouTube creators will create two videos each month for The Haystack to feature. IGTV/TikTok creators will create two-to-three videos each week for The Haystack to feature. In return, The Haystack will provide complimentary advising for your content as well as $250 cash each month through the end of December, 2021.


The Prizes


  1. $1,000 worth of new gear - or $1,000 worth of upgrades for your current gear

  2. $250 cash every month

  3. Free consultation sessions with experts in social media, marketing, content creation, and Hollywood production to help you be a better creator

  4. An on-going, dedicated social media expert to advise you as you create your content

  5. Exposure via The Haystack’s channels and paid promotions