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Abigail Almeida releases "Tales for Turning" EP

On April 2, 2021, Pullman, MI singer-songwriter Abigail Almeida released her first EP, entitled "Tales for Turning." The focal point of the project is Almeida's warm and soothing vocal delivery. Across the short run of five tracks, her voice is soft, light, and inviting and she draws her listeners in with heartfelt Acoustic Folk-Pop storytelling.

The EP features four new original songs and one remaster of a previous single. Each song significantly shifts in sonic texture. The opening track is the only piano ballad, while the rest of the EP alternates between Ukulele and Guitar arrangements. Each of the songs on the album is based in some way or another on stories from the Bible, so the minimalist arrangements really allow for the narrative to take center stage. This is a project that thrives on focused simplicity, and will appeal to listeners who want their music sparse, spacious, raw, and real.

The day after release, Abigail Almeida performed a 40-minute digital concert, livestreamed from her Facebook page, and featuring both covers and original songs. You can watch the livestream and hear some of the stories behind the songs here:

Tales For Turning is available now on all major online platforms. Cover artwork by Hannah Gallant.


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