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Anna Beaden's newest single will leave you in "Awe!"

Australian singer-songwriter Anna Beaden dropped an infectious new single, "Awe!" in late October of 2021. Boasting crisp, sparkly production, yearning vocals, and a joy-filled atmosphere, the track is Beaden's first release of 2021. Her most recent previous releases are Reply to Ecclesiastes, a single released in 2020 alongside collaborator Kemi Ogendi, and an album in 2018 entitled Captured Epiphanies. While her previous efforts have been quality efforts with full arrangements, this song in particular sounds like a step up to another level. Beaden seems to partially credit this to the contributions of Billy Otto and Spinlight Studios.

Lyrically, "Awe!" reflects on the beauty and wonder of God displayed in the natural world. While there are lighthearted moments, like a clever reference to a line in her Instagram bio about the Fibonacci Sequence, this song demonstrates that art does not have to be gritty or dark to be deep. Beaden weaves together language that evokes several scriptural passages, especially Psalm 93 and Romans 1:18-20. The song lives up to its title, overflowing with a feeling of wonder and celebration. The repeated hook "I am in awe - I am in awe" feels absolutely genuine in a musical context that is almost glistening with happiness.

Writing on her Facebook page, Beaden had the following to say about the song:

"My hope for this song is that it will inspire you to go for a hike, watch the birds, swim in the ocean AND to compel you to reach out the One who made it all."

More about Anna Beaden

Genre: Pop / Folk / Indie

Location: Melbourne, Australia


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