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DB Releases Single "Lose Control," featuring Miles Minnick

If you've been keeping up with The Haystack over the course of the last year or so, DB is a name you may well recognize. Having launched his debut album back in March, this rapper has been quickly paving a way for himself as an Adventist voice in the broader Christian Hip-Hop scene.

A couple weeks ago, we reported on the announcement that DB would be joining the Invasion Tour alongside the likes of Hulvey and 1K Phew - a significant step within the genre for an artist who has only so recently debuted. Now, DB has just released a collaborative track with one of his upcoming tour mates, which only speaks of more promising things ahead.

Produced by Feezie Productions, engineered by Avila, and featuring Miles Minnick, Lose Control is all at once dark in tone and bright in its disposition. The song itself features a prominent, melodic vocal hook, enmeshed in a swirl of synthesized textures, ominous droning piano notes, and an upbeat, driving rhythm section. The minor key atmosphere does feel dark, but the bounciness of the music and vocal delivery of all the performers lands this song is distinctly positive territory.

Speaking of vocal delivery, this may be the smoothest and most confident flow that listeners will have heard from DB yet. On this song, he sounds like an artist who knows he is coming into his element. This much is certainly true. With a spot on a tour with established artists, and now guest features from one of those same names, it makes sense for DB to be levelling up every dimension of his persona and skillset as an artist. Time will tell what opportunities await him after the Invasion Tour in August. But so far, things are looking good.

Check out the new single at the links below, and hear other contemporary Adventist artists on The Haystack's Spotify playlists.

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