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DB - "Who I Am" Album Release

Daniel Bennett - better known by many as DB - has just released his debut full-length album, "Who I Am." Clocking in at about 30 minutes of content, the pacing and energy of the album makes for easy repeat listens. Over the last couple years, DB has been cranking out single after single, establishing his brand as a rapper. The effort seems to have paid off: this album boasts plenty of features and co-signs from other artists, a solid vote of confidence from his peers in the underground Christian Hip-Hop community. The fact that DB has been consistently putting out music during the absolute slog that has been 2020-2021 speaks to a certain level of drive and ambition, which bodes well for the aspiring rapper's future.

"Who I Am" by DB is available now on all major online platforms.

For bookings and features, contact DB at:

Track List:

  1. Who I Am

  2. Seasons (ft. Dre Murray)

  3. Didn't Know

  4. Enemy (ft. Kevi Morse)

  5. Thank You Fam

  6. Work (ft. K-Drama)

  7. I Believe (ft. Candace)

  8. Alive (ft. Deraj)

  9. Down For You (ft. Candace)

  10. Legacy

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