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DBrealmuzik releases collaborative track "Born For This" with Xay Hill

Christian rapper DBrealmuzik has just dropped a high-energy new song, Born For This. Featuring the production and engineering skills of Anywaywell and Edify, and the catchy melodic vocals on the hook by Xay Hill, Born For This is a solid end-of-year entry for DB, and a great way to top off a fairly consistent release schedule for 2021.

This song also comes across pretty blatantly as the strongest lyrical delivery and smoothest flow yet from DB. After a significant boost in touring performances over the past year, it seems that the rapper has gained enough new performance experience to really comfortably grow into his style. The increased ease, confidence, and finesse is audible in DB's voice, sitting overtop of the gloomy and atmospheric trap production. Clocking in just over two minutes and consisting of really only one verse, the song seems designed perfectly for the TikTok era, with plenty of replay value. The track simply refuses to overstay its welcome, which works really well in its favour.

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