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"I'm Yours" - New single from Carmen Cruz

Pop-R&B singer-songwriter Carmen Cruz is carrying on her trend of keeping the creativity flowing in spite of the ongoing pandemic conditions. Over the course of 2020, Cruz graced her audience with a couple pieces of music: a return single, Sounds Better, after an extended break since her debut album Plan for me in 2014, as well as a guest feature with the band Neon Skylines on their song Won't Let Go.

Now, in 2021, her new single I'm Yours offers further exploration into the pop and R&B side of her sound. Produced by @mosestruman, the soundscape provides a dreamlike, carefree canvas for Cruz's plaintive and soulful voice to paint over.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the song, Cruz writes on her Instagram:

This song is based on my fav Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. Wrote this during a time where I was searching for my purpose. I was constantly comparing myself to everyone else around me, seeing how ahead they were in life and where I was. This verse is a constant reminder to me that although I may not understand as to why certain things happen in my life, I have to surrender my plan and my purpose to God. And so with this song I tell Him: “I’m Yours”

If the last few singles are any indication, there are only good things head for Carmen Cruz. Make sure to check out the new single now!

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