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Isolation Fest 2021

The UK-based company One Sound Music is hosting a three-day-long virtual livestream music festival from Friday, April 23rd to Sunday, April 25th, 2021. This is the second installation of an event they started last year, and features a stacked lineup of Christian & Gospel artists. A slight majority of the performers - about 60% or so - are Seventh-day Adventist. The event will be simultaneously streamed on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, as each artist performs a 30-minute set.

One Sound Music has been an active organization for about 7 years now, promoting independent Christian artists through YouTube, livestreams, Instagram takeovers, and more. According to the organization's website:

"One Sound Music was birthed out of seeing so much talent within the Adventist Church, but so little output in terms of recorded music. We were around a lot of people who had amazing gifts, but we just felt like that we needed to take it outside of the four walls and beyond just singing at different churches."

Regarding the 2021 online festival, One Sound Music had this to say in their press release:

"After a highly successful debut last year, with 300 concurrent viewers across platforms at its peak, Isolation Fest returns again for 2021, with over 20 artists coming together for 3 days of live performances across Friday 23rd April 2021 - Sunday 25th April 2021.

Highlights include Sarah Teibo, a multi-award winning singer and songwriter, Noel Robinson, an international worship leader, music pastor, songwriter and producer, Annatoria, the winner of The Voice UK 2020, Soul Thirst Music, emerging artists who have released their first two singles leading up to their album launch in the last few months, and Joel Robinson, who released his debut EP “The Hymn Project” at the beginning of 2021.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage many parts of the world and musicians and artists are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain a living during this time, we at One Sound Music believe that this is a time for everyone to receive messages of hope, love and peace, and we believe God has given artists and musicians across the world a gift that is specifically applicable to this time.

If they are in the financial position to do so, viewers are encouraged during and after the concert to buy music and merch from the artists’ Bandcamp, Patreon pages and websites, as well as giving an offering (tipping) in the YouTube chat."

With so many changes happening in the way church is being done, and with mounting pressure on Pastors and leaders to provide programming for their communities, Isolation Fest may prove to be an invaluable resource. Help us spread the word about this event so that people can become more aware of the growing pool of young Adventist talent all over the world. You'll be contributing to the lives and careers of talented young performers, and you'll be blessed by great music along the way.

Festival Schedule:

All times listed below are in UK time and in the afternoon (PM)

Friday, April 23:

7:30 - Faith Ajani

8:00 - Naomi Parchment

8:30 - Nicole Sanderson

9:00 - Lois Moodie

9:30 - Soul Thirst Music

Saturday, April 24:

3:00 - Kemoriti

3:30 - Joel Robinson

4:00 - Ainsley & Nicole Johns

4:30 - Daniella Bernard

5:00 - Mikaela Marie

5:30 - Anthony Hainsley

6:00 - Rhyanne Woodbine

6:30 - Walter Rodrigues Jr

6:45 - Aaron Mitchell

7:00 - Noel Robinson

7:30 - Annatoria

Sunday, April 25:

3:00 - Sharlene-Monique

3:30 - Esther Naomi

4:00 - Myron Evans

5:00 - Kemi Glover

5:30 - Ainsley & Nicole Johns

Connect with One Sound Music:


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