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Lightshore release new EP - "Sand and Time"

Bloomington, Indiana Indie Rock trio Lightshore have just independently realeased their new EP, Sand & TIme. Drawing sounds from the best of MuteMath, Relient K, and Switchfoot, Ligtshore have made a definitive statement that they deserve to be taken seriously in the spaces between Indie-Alternative, Pop-Punk, and Post-Grunge.

The record tops off and concludes a string of singles that the band has been releasing over the course of the year. Fans who have been following the band during this time will recognize tracks like In This Home, Take It, and All The Lost. Newcomer tracks I'll Go Mine and Maybe, Definitely round out the release and keep things fresh, while fitting in perfectly alongside the previously released songs. The closing track in particular adds some subtle shoegazy influences that give the EP a sense of finality and grandiosity at the end.

For being a Midwest band, there is something very sonically west coast about this EP. The sound of each songs easily evokes beaches, surfing, sunsets, and long oceanside drives. Lightshore have chosen to specialize in atmosphere and mood, and the results seem to be well worth it. The production serves the arrangements exceptionally well too. While there are occasional synth layers that sneak in, the overall sonic palette is very organic. The guitar tones are classic and smooth, and the drum recording is particularly warm and colourful.

Take It and I'll Go Mine in particular seem like the standout songs here. The former was the band's lead single for the year, which makes sense. But the later is a gem hidden right in the middle of the EP, which seems the band playing with the dynamics between loud and soft in a very tasteful way that definitely accentuates the lead vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

And when it comes to lyrics, Sand & Time sees the band getting down-to-earth. Rather than lofty, conceptual fare, the songs generally deal with real life experiences, relationships, and emotions. The average listener should probably find most of the content here sincere and relatable, and when lead singer Tito Baez is belting out "we're not alone, we're not alone" on the closing track, the sentiment is not only understood but felt.

Check out Sand & Time now on whatever platforms you prefer, and make sure to follow the band on social media. Also check out The Haystack Rock playlist to hear more great undiscovered artists.

More about Lightshore

Location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Genre: Indie / Rock / Alternative


Tito Baez - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar

John Adame - Lead guitar, backing vocals

Trent Ward - Bass guitar

Artist Links

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