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Madisen Renee Releases "Christmas With You" EP

Every so often, an artist comes around who launches with an undeniably compelling competence. Madisen Renee seems to be one such artist. The Seattle-born, now North Carolina based worship leader and singer-songwriter is a younger entry into the music world, with a catalogue only spanning the length of 2020 itself. Still, she's been gaining traction with her fantastic first single I Choose You. While some new artists have to wander about before establishing their sound, Madisen Renee's debut material sounds self-assured, confident, and well-produced. It seems that her experience as a worship leader has shaped this young artist with the clarity and confidence to get started on the right foot.

On November 20th, 2020, Madisen Renee dropped her new holiday-themed EP, Christmas With You, on all major online platforms. This short EP is full of Christmas songs that range from religious to secular, and from traditional to original. Recognizable tracks like The Christmas Song and White Christmas stand alongside original numbers like Mary's Lullaby and the EP's title track. The overall experience is heartfelt, festive, and indicative of only more good things to come.

Follow the links below to add some much needed shine to your Christmas season, and make sure to follow Madisen on her socials to stay up to date with her future releases!

Christmas With You Tracklist:

  1. White Christmas

  2. Mary's Lullaby

  3. The Christmas Song (feat. Isaiah Little)

  4. Light

  5. Christmas With You (feat. Riza Singal)

Artist Info:

Location: Greensboro, NC

Genre: Worship / Inspirational / Indie


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