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Music Review: Jordan Putt – “Honest To God”

Jordan Putt – “Honest To God” (April 22, 2018)

Wrapping up 2018, we have a bit of an overdue review, the new album “Honest To God” from Jordan Putt – a Canadian singer-songwriter living in the the USA. “Honest To God” is a reflective, thoughtful contemporary acoustic folk record with a very clear goal – cathartic, introspective songwriting that cuts to the heart of Christian spiritual struggle against self, discouragement, and apathy. This short collection of songs is immediately striking in its emotional sincerity, and remarkably focused. Not a moment on the album is wasted, which is impressive considering how slow paced the songs are. Putt has channelled all of the energy into emotional and lyrical depth, honesty, and subtlety. There are no cheap thrills to be heard here, and some of the songs might even be a bit painful or uncomfortable for a Christian listener who is willing to take an honest look at their own spirituality. However, the Jesus-centered lyrical content makes the overall experience hopeful, faith-affirming, and rejuvenating.

The music is primarily guitar driven, usually acoustic except for some notable electric guitar exceptions. There are pepperings of string sections throughout the short run of songs. But the center stage is reserved for Putt’s voice and lyrics. There is not much that needs to be said beyond that. This album simply speaks for itself and will merit multiple replays. There is enough here to satisfy any listener looking for devotional or worshipful content, but not so much that the track list ever feels draw out or bloated. This record is, among other things, a brilliant example of how useful focus can be in crafting a cohesive musical statement. It makes for honest, unpretentious songwriting and good listening.



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