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New Naomi Parchment Single "Ain't Easy"

On Thursday, May 13, 2021, Naomi Parchment released a new single, "Ain't Easy." Cleverly crafted around a sample of Twista & Faith Evans' classic song "Hope," this song is a smooth and subtle blend of R&B and Gospel influences that manages to milk the nostalgia of a classic melody while also distinguishing itself as a unique composition in its own right.

Fans of Neo-Soul and Jazz will feel particularly at home here, as Parchment throws much more harmonic complexity at the listener than the average songwriter typically would. The song feels like a journey - opening up in a bright atmosphere fitting the sampled elements of the song, but ending up in a dense and nearly mystifying swath of chords and layered vocals. Of the many things that could be said about this song, one point seems particularly fitting from the point of view of any aspiring vocalists: this one ain't easy.

Naomi Parchment has been fairly active over the course of the last year. In December, she released an project exclusive to Soundcloud with the timely title "The Care Package EP," and was a headlining performer during One Sound Music's "Isolation Fest 2021" on April 25. With these and many other achievements already under her belt, she is definitely one artist worth keeping tabs on. With this much potential and skill on display, this is certainly far from the last that people will be hearing from her.

Ain't Easy is available on all major platforms now!

More about Naomi Parchment:

Location: Huntsville, AL, USA

Genre: Gospel / R&B

Artist Links:

Instagram Soundcloud Facebook Spotify YouTube


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