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Do you need to take a break from trying to please God?

It was during a summer in the middle of my time at nursing school. It had been a difficult week. In fact, it had been a difficult month. Actually, the whole summer had been difficult. Thus, I had slipped into my addiction of wasting time on YouTube to cope. This left me feeling like a failure. I could have spent my time a lot more wisely, but here I was sitting in front of YouTube like an idiot. Again. It seemed like a cycle I couldn’t break.

Then, Sabbath came. I wasn’t sleepy, because unlike the rest of the school year the workload was a little bit lighter. I opened up YouTube. I scrolled past the time-wasting videos that I usually watched during the week. I didn't even think about it. Instead, I searched for something uplifting. I found some devotionals. I click on some testimonies. These things existed on YouTube? It was such a productive afternoon. My relationship with God was strengthened.

I heard God speaking to my heart: “Yes, you can use your time wisely. On Sabbaths and every other day.” It was like a ray of light and hope in the darkness of my struggle in my Christian walk.

For me, Sabbath is a day in which God can demonstrate how He can save and restore my life. He can make my life align with His will on Sabbaths and every day.

Will you let God work in your life this Sabbath?


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