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The Purpose Redirect #3

I have come to understand that my purpose exists like the One who created it—in perpetuity. All the things that God took time to make during creation week continue to exist to this day. Purpose is no different. For each individual God created, He made a purpose to guide them all the days of their life. I believe this wholeheartedly. Yet, because I believe this, I understand that rest is paramount.

The problem with rest, especially in this day and time, is that it is hard to experience it without distraction. Maybe the phone rings or the children wake up from a nap. Worse yet, intrusive thoughts make an appearance. Either way, every person on this planet has experienced distraction whether internal or external. Rest from distraction cannot occur until we properly understand the purpose of rest.

Coming from an age when cellphones were still a novice thing, I can remember going outside to play. I can remember playing with my friends in the wild blue yonder. But as soon as everyone had “razors” and flip-phones, my relaxation/play time started looking very different. I know it only as being even worse today. However, with age comes understanding.

Today, I am much more aware that when I allow breaks through distraction in any task, it prolongs the task and frustrates my progress. Rest does the opposite. When rest is embarked upon properly, restoration takes place and we are able to continue from a space of reinvigoration.

Unfortunately, the buck doesn’t stop with reinvigoration. We must be dedicated to our purpose. Distractions often cause the frustrating condition of “fits and starts”. In a culture so quick to drop one thing and pick up another, dedication takes sinking our teeth in. It takes showing up everyday despite feeling motivation wane. It takes understanding that a determined mentality often matters much more than we assume.

What is beautiful about the process of purpose is that it points these things out to you along the way. We learn the distractions to avoid, how to rest and how to count our progress. For those of us who struggle with an all-or-nothing mentality, this is good news! Many times, we are tempted to waste an entire day if we believe something may be out of place. Yet, along the process we can grow to understand that life happens in the little moments and so does purpose.

Friend, whatever you take away from this miniseries, please know that our God who created your purpose is kind. He is going on the journey with you–holding you up and carrying you through. Remember that purpose is for others as much as it is for you, it’s where transformation takes place, and where hope is renewed. Hold these truths close to you and if you should find yourself disconnected from your purpose in the future, God will show you the way back. I believe it for you, friend, you will see the goodness of God in your purpose because He promised to show you.

Journal Prompts

Now, it’s your turn. This is your opportunity to reconnect with your purpose. These journal prompts are meant to help you along your journey:

1. With everything we covered, should rest take on a new meaning for you? Take some time to think about it. Then, write down how you can plan your restoration in the future.

2. What distractions have kept you from accomplishing your purpose lately? How can you manage them?

3. Have you experienced fits and starts in your purpose? What might help you overcome them?

4. Does making progress in your purpose little by little bother you? Why or why not?

5. What is your biggest takeaway from this series?

6. How can you apply that takeaway to how you will approach disconnects from your purpose in the future?

This piece is written by Esther Smith and is a part of the Haystack Creative series. Follow this series with micro-content on Instagram & Facebook.


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