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The Year That Was

As I reflect on the year gone by there were highs and lows, but mostly it was made up of the stuff in between - the normal, the mundane, the things that don’t make headlines. There are many moments that are memorable in a year, but those events take up a fraction of the total time. All the big events in the life of the character from the video can be summed up in less than a minute!

In my life: the new year dawned with positivity, as it usually does. And the year continued to be good - I was eating healthfully, exercising regularly, building relationships, working hard - doing all the normal things well.

Over the course of the year I floated away from Jesus - the soft current of everyday life gently pulled me away. There were no big external shocks, no jubilation, no heartbreak - nothing to rock the boat enough for me to realise I was drifting further and further from the source of life.

Thankfully The Holy Spirit gently guided me back; bringing me back on course and to a stronger relationship with God.

Unfortunately there’s no amazing story, no heart-wrenching testimony, no funny anecdote to drive home a lesson - but what I learned in “the year that was” is this: Stay close to God through everything, even the small stuff.

Immanual - God with us. In the memorable moments and the forgettable details.

Written By: Darren Spencer


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