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Thirteen Roses have a confession to make with debut single

Emerging from the American Midwest, Thirteen Roses is a new band whose sound perfectly straddles the line between indie rock and pop music. Their debut single, Confession, is an intimate and atmospheric journey through dreamy, melancholic atmospheres, and lovesick lyrics. Delay-drenched guitars ping across the stereo spectrum while dense electronic pads and deep reverb-saturated drums create a massive space for lead vocalist Grayson Slikkers' plaintive and emotional crooning. The production is clean and crisp, seamlessly blending together synthesized electronic sounds with rock instrumentation. Fans of Twenty One Pilots, Needtobreathe, Nightly, Mutemath, or The Band Camino will probably find something to like here.

As this is only the first release from a completely new (and relatively young) band, there isn't much to say about Thirteen Roses except that this is a very strong and professional sounding release for a rock band this young and this fresh. Launching with quality production like this hasn't always been the norm for bands, often being more so the domain of solo artists. If this is any indication of the quality to come, then there are bright things in store for the future.

You can check out the song on The Haystack's playlist "Advent Alternative" on Spotify.

More about Thirteen Roses:

Alternative / Rock / Pop

Berrien Springs, MI, USA

Grayson Slikkers - Vocals

Matthew Lechleitner - Guitar

Joshua Ashley - Drums

Nathaniel Chung - Keyboards

"Confession" Lyrics:

I don't wanna turn the page

Don't wanna move on

Don't wanna let you go

Don't wanna write this song

Don't wanna say goodnight

Don't wanna go to sleep

Without kissing you and telling you

You mean the world to me

But I can't

It's too late

But I can't

I'm to blame

I want to hold you close

I want to keep you safe

I want to hear your voice

I want to see your face

I want to say I love you

Want you to feel the same

And maybe someday in the future

Give you my last name

But I can't

It's too late

But I can't

I'm to blame

I can't

It's too late

I can't

I'm to blame


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