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Creative Mentorship

Produced by The Haystack

The Haystack Creative Mentorship program is an initiative launched to assist Zillennials in their journey as faith-based creators.

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The Bean

The first digital magazine issue of The Haystack.

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The Purpose Redirect

The Purpose Redirect is a mini-series focused on the reasons why many of us struggle to stay connected to the journey of our purpose. We experience a lack of commitment or go through a disappointment that convinces us to give up. But it's important to open a dialogue with our struggles so that we aren't overcome by the disconnections we experience. 

The gift of purpose is God's intention to collaborate with us to provide healing on the earth. Persevering in this collaboration is vital to our growth so that we don't stay disconnected. I hope through this series, you allow yourself to be directed back to the process of your purpose. Your story isn't over, and if you feel disconnected now, there's nothing that requires you to stay that way. I hope you enjoy the content we share with you.

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